About us

TheFeMall.com is an online shopping hub designed exclusively for the ladies and it has all the types as well as categories of products suitable for a female. From the newborns to the Dadijis, we at, TheFeMall.com offer something for everyone. Being GCC’s first female centered store, we keep in mind every little need, want, and demand of the ladies. We ensure that our customers experience an economic shopping and at the same time, they do it in a hassle-free manner. Their comfort and contentment is our top priority and this is the reason why we make sure that whatever is ordered by our worthy buyers, we deliver them well on time. In fact, sometimes the product is delivered before the stipulated deadline. At TheFeMall.com, nobody is going to return disappointed or empty handed because we provide A to Z products as well as services for females, including clothing, jewellery, accessories, footwear, lingerie, health care, baby care, and everything that a baby, a girl, or a lady can ever need. Along with these, we also offer services like salon, books, magazine subscription etc. We make the shopping procedure very, very simple so that everyone and anyone can easily purchase as per their needs. In addition, the payment gateways are also easy to understand so that the customers do not have to face any kind of problem while making the payment. What we aim at?

Our main aim is to make online shopping as easy and convenient as it can be from a retail store or a shopping mall and this is why we call it ‘The FeMall’. Depending upon the customer support, we are further planning to add on to our products and services and also features like faster delivery, free exchange, cash on delivery, and other services for the benefit of the customer. The most important factor while doing online shopping is the use of proper middlemen or the communication channels because these ensure that both the vendor as well as the buyer are able give and get what they want. Therefore, we at TheFeMall.com keep this in mind and enable free flow of communication between the buyer and the seller. Any query or grievance on the part of our clients is most welcomed and is given proper attention. Also, we do not take much time to take the needful and timely action.

The 24x7 customer service reverts quickly and the customers’ complaints or problems are solved within few hours. The inconvenience caused to the people by buying every single product from a different retail store is no more a concern as we give them the advantage of shopping comfortably sitting at home and the order will be made delivered to their doorstep. Our courier partners are efficient and provide timely delivery to the customers as we are very well aware of the fact that their time is way too precious. The more and more happiness we give to our clients, the more they are going to love shopping with TheFeMall.com.

Link between customers and commodities

At TheFeMall.com, we connect people with the products they buy. As every individual customer has individual needs and demands, so we try that we fulfill those demands by giving them exactly what they are looking for. Pertaining to the grooming needs of the females, we have items like body care, all kinds of branded cosmetics, and a perfect lingerie destination for them. Other than that, we also have accessories like watches, handbags, belts etc. along with elegant jewellery that would make them look simply wow. In the kids zone, we have toys, clothes, and also equipments that would prove to be your companion in parenting. Quality driven products are offered to the buyers, giving them the freedom to shop exactly how and when they want. At TheFeMall.com, you are free to shop the way you feel like, just as it is your own mall. We always try to give our customers the best deal with exceptional service that makes their shopping experience seamless.

What we have in store for you?

While dealing with the products that are completely meant for females, it is imperative to make sure that we offer you the best of quality as well as top of brands and along with this, it is our duty to understand the tiny mini needs as well as requirements of the females who come our way. To fulfill this, we have some well-known brands like Victoria Secret, Prada, Rado, and these are just a sneak peek, there are many like these. In addition, every little clothing or any other apparel that a lady could ever need is available with us. Also, another concern for our worthy buyers is the price range and that certainly needs to be pocket friendly. The starting price, at which our products and/or services are offered are 10dhs.

When it comes traditional wear, I think there is hardly any woman who could say a NO, no matter of what age she is. For our ethnic beauties, we have designer dresses straight from Satyapaul and Sabyasachi. The latest of trends can be seen in the Jewellery as well as the accessories section. Moreover, the western wear contains topnotch brands that would make you feel smart and pretty at the same time. We keep in mind the needs and wants of the customer of every age group, which is why we have sizes and styles ranging from newborns to the golden agers.

There is no denying the fact that being at par with the latest fashion is important for the young ladies of today’s generation and thus, we are up to date in terms of fashion, be it clothes, necklaces, earrings, perfumes, body care, personal grooming apparatus, footwear, or any other accessory or equipment.

In Fact, Our company is owned and managed by us.

In short, we, at TheFeMall.com not only do a buying and selling transaction but also, we first think from a buyer’s perspective and then make out that what they actually expect from us. We do not like to disappoint them in any aspect.